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In his book The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid (Rosicrucian Press, 1936), H. Spencer Lewis included drawings "made from secret manuscripts possessed by archivists of the mystery schools of Egypt and the Orient and are part of secret manuscripts telling of the ancient forms of initiations held in the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid." The existence of the halls and passages are, of course, "denied repeatedly by Egyptian and other authorities and even by eminent archaeologists and investigators from various parts of Europe." (p. 181) The elevation and plan reproduced below is based on this secret information.

Elevation of the Subterranean Hall.
Secret Chamber
© Diagram copyright AMORC: Lewis, The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, p. 127

Spence cites a magazine article "edited in Egypt, and more or less privately published in London" that was written by Hamilton M. Wright. The article focuses on the excavations made by Dr. Salim Hassan of the University of Cairo. "We have discovered a subway," Hassan is quoted as saying, "used by the ancient Egyptians of 5,000 years ago. It passes beneath the causeway leading between the second pyramid and the Sphinx." The subway is some 72 feet wide and more than 1,400 feet long. In addition to the subway, there are a number of subterranean chambers and temples, including a "Chapel of Offerings" that has three pillars in the center. On the west side of this chapel is a "room of initiation and reception" in which was found a "large white sarcophagus of white Turah limestone" and "excellent examples of alabaster vessels." Lewis describes the walls as being "beautifully painted and sculptured with scenes and inscriptions" and adds that "there are many magnificently carved figures in these various underground rooms and chapels, temples, and hallways, also many beautifully colored friezes." (pp. 189-190) Spence assures the readers that all of these details, complete with photographs, are included in Hassan's report.

Plan of the Giza passageways.
Sphinx Plan
© Diagram copyright AMORC: Lewis, The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, p. 126

The factual evidence of Hassan's report, writes Spence, "verify at least in part the things indicated on the two diagrams ... and undoubtedly the passing of time will verify other parts of these diagrams." (p. 190)

Catchpenny Mysteries © copyright 2000 by Larry Orcutt.


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